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SNME #2 - Uncle Elmer's Wedding

Only two episodes into the series and can anything beat this show? The highlight of the evening is Uncle Elmer's wedding! The beautiful dress. Mean Gene on piano. Fans pelting the ring with trash and batteries.

1.5 - The Run In: The Week In Wrestling

We're going to start the new year off with a look at the past week of wrestling. It was a busy week and on today's episode Matty Treats and Kevin Hellions break down some of the biggest moments.

Saturday Night's Main Event #1

It's a new year and you know what that means! The House Show is back with a season 3 and we will be focusing on the iconic WWF network TV series, Saturday Night's Main Event.

2020 Outtakes

Today we look back on 2020. No. No one wants to do that. Today we look back on some of our best and worst moments while recording The House Show this year.

Santa With Muscles

Ho ho ho baby! It is Christmas eve morning. What better way to prepare for tomorrow's festivities than with your favorite three wise men - the House Show trios tag team champions. We sat back and watched the 1996 holiday classic, Santa with Muscles.

12.5 - The Run In: Halloween Havoc Recap

Season two of the Haunted House Show has ended. Last Thursday we reviewed the last installment of the WCW Halloween Havoc series. This morning (an early morning, someone get Kevin a pillow) we're going to reflect back on the best and worst from the entire run.

Halloween Havoc 2000

We have reached the end of the Halloween Havoc series. WCW dies not with a big bang, but with a whimper. This event constantly lands on worst pay per views ever lists. Do your trios tag team champions agree? There are many sighs, swears, and a very short debate at the end of the episode.

11.5 - The Run In: Best Wrestling Gifts

On today's episode your trios tag team champions reminisce over our favorite wrestling related Christmas presents over the years. There are gifts from when we were children.

Halloween Havoc 1999

Oh baby and oh no! This is the most shocking year to year change in Halloween Havoc history. Your trios tag team champions hosts have trouble wrapping their minds around each and every head scratching moment.

10.5 - The Run In: It's STING!!!

The light in the darkness. The last hold out. The 61 year old man showing up on the number 2 wrestling promotion's show out of no where. Sting has returned! Your trios tag team champions discuss the shocking developments from this past Wednesday's episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite

Halloween Havoc 1998

We’ve talked to the Retro Network and have been granted extra time. That’s right, we’re going to discuss the night WCW went off the air.

9.5 - The Run In: Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Here at the House Show we're already in the Christmas mood. To help get the rest of our listeners into the holiday spirit, your trios tag team champions are counting down our favorite Christmas songs.

Halloween Havoc 1997

Happy Turkey Day! It may be a holiday but your favorite retro wrestling podcast doesn't take days off. A perfect way to celebrate the day is with our discussion of the 1997 event featuring possibly the greatest Halloween Havoc match of all time.

8.5 - The Run In: Survivor Series Thoughts

Was Raw or Smackdown triumphant last night? How did we all celebrate the Undertaker's 30th anniversary? Continuing the singles runs from your trios tag team champions, Matty Treats reacts to last night's WWE Survivor Series pay per view.

Halloween Havoc 1996

You know what's great? This podcast. And we have another fun filled episode for you today. This is the first Halloween Havoc in the nWo era and the entire landscape of WCW has changed.

7.5 - The Run In: Kevin's Soapbox

Happy Monday morning. Did any wrestling news happen since last week? Welcome to the first edition of Kevin's Soapbox. The Masked Library is solo on today's episode of The Run In, but he has something to say about wrestling.

Halloween Havoc 1995

Oh baby! It's finally time for one of the most memorable, most iconic moments in wrestling history. When wrestling fans are asked to name the greatest matches of all time, certain names are guaranteed to come up. Flair, Hart, Michaels, and of course Sumo Monster Trucks.

6.5 - The Run In: AEW Full Gear

Good Monday morning! On today's special episode of The Run In, Matty Treats breaks down Saturday night's All Elite Wrestling pay per view - Full Gear. Joining him to discuss every match is the 4th member of the trios tag team champions - Krone Meltzer.

Halloween Havoc 1994

Today is the end of an era. Finally, after becoming the biggest champions of the 1980s in separate companies, Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will collide.

5.5 - The Run In: NXT Halloween Havoc

Your trios tag team champions do it once again. We put the retro back into public consciousness and WWE hears us. Much like In Your House returned earlier this year, the NXT brand has brought back Halloween Havoc after 20 years in dormancy.

Halloween Havoc 1993

When an idea works, the best thing to do is use the idea again. That's right. It's time to Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal once more! WCW's history of bad match endings is apparent and our anger grows over the course of this show.

4.5 - The Run In: Mrs. Hellions is NXT

Usually our listeners have the pleasure of waking up with your trios tag team champions. This Monday, wake up with the same person one of the hosts wakes up with. Today is a Hellions take over as the Masked Library Kevin Hellions is joined by his wife, Mrs Hellions, for the entire episode.

Halloween Havoc 1992

It's time. Time for the most famous phrase in Halloween Havoc history. It's time to... Spin the Wheel. Make the Deal! Sting must spin a wheel full of dangerous specialty matches and accept whichever one the wheel finally lands on.

3.5 - The Run In: Draft Fallout

The House Show fantasy draft is over and the listeners have raised many complaints and concerns. We bring on super fan and internet wrestling community sensation Krone Meltzer to speak for the fans. Krone breaks down the hits and misses from a fan point of view. All three of your co-hosts get what's coming to them.

Halloween Havoc 1991

It’s time for “an evening of terrifying destruction”! The evening begins with one of the most infamous matches in Havoc history – the Chamber of Horrors! The night ends with a two out of three falls battle for the WCW World Heavyweight title when champion Lex Luger takes on Ron Simmons.

2.5 - The Run In: The Draft Part 2

We start the day like we start all good days - with breakfast Skittles! Some birthday party talk. We respond to the recent NXT Halloween Havoc announcement and make our own announcement. Finally we get into rounds 11-20 of our Draft. Check out the rosters for Team Hellions, Hard Knox University, and Treats Brand.

Halloween Havoc 1990

It's time once again to break down all the winners and losers over today's 3 hour wrestling event. Except, this time, someone dropped the ball. Four matches were deleted for the VHS release, and that is the version that the WWE Network airs. But the big matches for the World title, the U.S. title, and tag after tag after tag team match are here in their entirety.

1.5 - The Run In: The Draft

This Friday on Smackdown will begin the 2020 WWE Draft. To get wrestling fans excited and to reminisce, we will be holding our own draft on the next two episodes of The Run In.

Halloween Havoc 1989

Welcome to the newly christened Haunted House Show podcast. For the next 12 weeks we will take a look at the entire NWA/WCW Halloween Havoc series. Every year. Every match.

27.5 - The Run In: IYH Wrap Up

For this is the official end of the In Your House series. Your trios tag team champions gather together to close up season one. We look back on the past 27 episodes of the In Your House series.

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