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The After Glow

We have now reached the end of the road. After 29 episodes of GLOW we have come to the end. Today's episode has a new cohost, Elise Hellions watches the last three episodes of GLOW.

13.5 - The Run In: The Glow Up

A special two part GLOW finale starts on today’s episode of the Hot Tag. This Thursday will be the last episode of the GLOW season but Matty and the Educator won’t be there! Kevin turns to the Kliq and brings on Mrs Hellions for today’s edition of the Hot Tag.

Run For the Rubies Finals

That’s right fans, we have finally reached the end. There will be many sad endings tonight but a new beginning is on the horizon. Over the course of these two episodes, a new GLOW champion will finally be crowned. Cheyenne Cher, Godiva, and Roxy Astor remain. Which one of these three women will win the crown? Will there be nonsensical decisions that drive us mad? Of course! This is GLOW.

28 - NXT Takeover 2021

We can't let an In Your House go by without discussing it! Much like last year when The House Show was rewatching the original WWF In Your House series, the yellow and black brand has brought the concept back once more.

Run For the Rubies 10 & 11

No matter how you, the listener, might book a tournament we ensure it would not be like this. The Run for the Rubies tournament is near its conclusion, or is it? Chaos and madness take place and we are at a loss to figure out how GLOW will crown a new champion.

11.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Mickey Yarber

On today’s episode of the Hot Tag, Kevin sits down with co-founder of the Retro Network, Mickey Yarber.

Run For the Rubies 8 & 9

Tonight, the final four Run for the Rubies contenders will be decided! We debate how to book faces and heels in GLOW. Did Johnny C have enough in the budget for reshoots? Witness the sexiest bear hug you ever did see. More discussion of cruises and conventions. In other news, this episode is full of announcements. Tune in to hear future show plans. Finally, more Hot Tag for your buck.

10.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Adam Pope

On today’s all new episode of the Hot Tag, Kevin sits down with one of the hosts of Wizards and SequelQuest, Adam Pope. Plus some exclusive news! It’s a great discussion with KISS, acting, and convention talk.

Run For the Rubies 6 & 7

It’s officially June, and as summer heats up the in ring action from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling heats up too. GLOW is still without a champion and the Run for the Rubies tournament continues.

9.5 - The Run In: AEW DON Predictions

At The House Show we do things a little different. On this Monday morning the wrestling world is reacting to what took place on last night’s All Elite Wrestling: Double or Nothing pay per view. But not our show! It’s time for another sealed envelope prediction show.

Run For the Rubies 4 & 5

The most offensive episode yet! The Run for the Rubies tournament continues. We become very confused with the brackets and break down who has advanced in the tournament. Why are second round matches taking place before the first round is over?

8.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Jason Gross

As The Retro Network celebrates its second year today’s episode dives into the origins. Kevin sits down for a one on one interview with Jason Gross, co founder of the Retro Network.

Run For The Rubies 3 & 4

The tournament continues! Who will be the next to wear the GLOW crown? The details of the tournament are given and we are very confused. A major turn takes place during these episodes

7.5 - The Run In: This Old House Show

Today is a quick solo show with Kevin. He gives an update on all that is happening with the house. This is an emotional but hopeful episode as life might be changing.

Run For the Rubies Part 1 & 2

An all new era of GLOW is here! Last episode, Ninotchka abdicated the GLOW crown. Now and for the next many weeks, the Gorgeous Ladies will be battling it out in the Run for the Rubies to crown a new champion. Plus, it’s the second annual celebration of Kevin’s birthday. Time to tell embarrassing stories of his past, present, and … future?

6.5 - The Run In: Collection Updates

All three of your trios tag team champions are here this fine Monday morning. Money has been spent and updates are needed.

Ninotchka's Reign 11 & 12

The most shocking episode of GLOW has arrived! Listen along as your trios tag team champions are stunned, stunned!, by what takes place on episode 12. What does this mean for the future of GLOW?

5.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Karen Flieger

It is time to hear all about the woman behind the retweet button. It’s time to sit down with the Retro Network’s own Karen Flieger.

Ninotchka's Reign 9 & 10

One of your trios tag team champions hosts, Kevin Hellions, won the At Odds Mania for the third year in a row and thus was able to pick a homework assignment for that podcast. In a bit of synergy, Kevin assigns them the same two episodes of GLOW that we are watching this evening. Listen to At Odds discuss these two episodes Thursday evening.

4.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Tig Carson

Today’s episode is a long time coming! On this episode of The Hot Tag, Kevin sits down for a one on one interview with Tig Carson of The Attic Dwellers (Nerd Out with Me, The Tig and Eric Show, Thee Movie Club).

Ninotchka's Reign 7 & 8

Welcome wrestling fans to the most jam packed episode of The House GLOW thus far. Be prepared to see all of your favorite ladies multiple times this evening. You’ll be richer for it, but wait until you see how rich one of the wrestlers will be.

3.5 - The Run In: Weekend Warrior Recap

A week later and your trios tag team champions are finally recovered from their WrestleMania trip. It’s time to talk about the purchases, the food, and the shenanigans that took place in the Roc.

Ninotchka's Reign 5 & 6

Ninotchka continues to run over all of the competition in GLOW and we continue to question every bit of booking behind this 1980’s sketch show with professional wrestling mixed in. New Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling debut. Plus the best and worst matches so far in season 4 are discussed on today’s episode.

2.5 - The Run In: Wrestlemania Predictions

WrestleMania predictions? On a Monday? After the two night event? That's right. A spin on prediction shows as only The House Show can provide. Any podcast can make predictions before the event and ret-con their choices. But only the House Show commits to their predictions, right or wrong, by putting the picks out there the Monday after.

Ninotchka's Reign 3 & 4

On today's episode, your trios tag team champions break down Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling episodes 3 and 4 from Season 3.

1.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Peter Breau

On today's episode, Kevin is joined by comic book writer and director of social media and public relations for Second Sight Publishing - Peter Breau.

Ninotchka's Reign 1 & 2

Welcome to the debut of The House GLOW! On today's episode your trios tag team champions start their dive into Season 3 of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. While we all have some knowledge of GLOW, this is our first time really watching this classic bit of 1980's sports entertainment.

12.5 - TRI - State of the Union

A tragedy has taken place in the world of retro wrestling podcasts. We no longer have access to WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event. Damn you Peacock!

SNME #12 - Birth of the Mega Powers

Here it comes. Are they going to? Is this happening? The handshake that rocks the wrestling world is here! On today’s episode of WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event we bear witness to the birth of the Mega Powers!

11.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with William Bruce West

Long time fans of the geek blog and podcast world are well familiar with the voice and words of William Bruce West. He joins Kevin Hellions today.

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