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SNME #11 - Wrestlemania 3 Fallout

It just wouldn't be pro wrestling without some controversy. This eleventh edition of Saturday Night's Main Event took place April 28, 1987 (aired May 2) at the Edmond P. Joyce Center in Notre Dame, Illinois for 9,345 fans excited to see what happens next after the iconic WrestleMania III.

10.5 - The Run In: Krone Meltzer on AEW

On today's episode Matty Treats takes control of the Monday morning discussion and brings in the fourth member of the trio, the internet wrestling community's own Krone Meltzer.

SNME X - Wrestlemania 3 Build

The biggest sports entertainment event of our childhood is nigh. This episode of Saturday Night's Main Event features most of the Superstars who will appear in front of 93,000 fans in just a few weeks.

9.5 - The Run In: Collecting Journey Begins

A bold new direction for The House Show begins. Our collecting updates have been some of the most popular segments in show history. Now, once a month, we will focus on our expanding collections, beginning with this episode.

SNME #9 - Educator News Network

The Educator is down! Matty and Kevin discuss our fallen co-host with live updates during the show and review Saturday Night's Main Event 9.

8.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Declan X

The much asked for guest is finally here. Fellow co-hosts, family, friends, and followers have been asking for a one on one interview with Kevin Hellions's son - YouTube sensation Declan X.

SNME #8 - This is Where the Power Lies

Your trios tag team champions hung and bung to discuss the eighth episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. We discuss a rare heel vs heel match. Hulk Hogan endlessly fed new challengers. Roddy Piper's face turn. Debate over masks and twins. Who is Brian? Plus, how much TV time remains for the main event?

7.5 - The Run In: Collecting For Dummies

Today all three of your hosts are here to discuss their pop culture collections. Video games. Wrestling toys. Comics. How many do we have? What are our future plans? Variant comic books. What will Treats collect next after he obtains all of the AEW figures? Why is the Educator the Dean Malenko of retro video games? How many covers are too many? How did we get started?

SNME #7 - The Snake V The Dragon

A timeless war that has shaped the world finds it's most recent battle taking place within the WWF. It is time for Snake vs Dragon. That's right, on this episode Jake "the Snake" Roberts and Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat face off and neither man has come alone. Damian is in play and Ricky has brought his own namesake to counter.

6.5 - The Run In: NJPW on Roku

This past week New Japan Pro Wrestling debuted on the Roku channel. Today, Matty Treats and Kevin Hellions break down episode one featuring Jay White vs Tetsuya Naito from Wrestle Kingdom 14. Treats gives Kevin a crash course in NJPW and Kevin gives his new viewer perspective. Will we continue to watch? Stay tuned.

SNME #6 - The Battle of the Big Boys

When big bellies collide! No it's not time for your trios tag team champions to meet up at the local buffet. (Not yet.) It's time for the sixth episode of Saturday Night's Main Event featuring Uncle Elmer vs King Kong Bundy in the Battle of the Big Boys!

5.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Mrs. Hellions

Welcome to another Monday morning one on one interview with one third of your trios tag team champions, the Masked Library. On today's show Kevin sits down for a one on one talk with his wife Elise, Mrs. Hellions.

SNME #5 - The Five Count

Welcome to the fifth episode of season 3 of the House Show and the first episode to feature legendary gargantuan heel, King Kong Bundy. On this show Bundy has an iconic moment with then WWF World champion Hulk Hogan.

4.5 - The Run In: Sealed Envelope Royal Rumble

On today's episode Matty Treats and Kevin Hellions break down the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble and try to guess who will win, who will surprise us, and any other twists and turns that may take place during the pay per view.

SNME #4 - Fun in the Sun

It's time to put on our sun screen and bathing suits in the middle of winter. It's time to have some fun in the sun with the WWF Superstars. There is a hot night of wrestling action ahead. Tonight will see a world title match, the Country Boys get their revenge, and a Peace match bringing countries together.

3.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Howard Wong and Josh Stafford of Damned Cursed Children

On today's episode of the Hot Tag, welcome co-writers of the new comic Damned Cursed Children, Howard Wong and Josh Stafford. Josh and Howard discuss their comic book origins and discovering horror movies. Then they tell the history of Damned Cursed Children and what comic book readers can expect from issue one, and the rest of the five issue series.

SNME #3 - Halloween Episode

Taped on Halloween night and airing two nights later, it's the Halloween episode! The heels and babyfaces have taken sides and will compete in challenges throughout the evening. But with a twist!

2.5 - The Run In: Hot Tag with Adam Van

The crowd is pumped and it's time for the first Hot Tag! This week Kevin Hellions sits down for a one on one interview with Adam Van. Adam is the co host of the At Odds with Wrestling podcast.

SNME #2 - Uncle Elmer's Wedding

Only two episodes into the series and can anything beat this show? The highlight of the evening is Uncle Elmer's wedding! The beautiful dress. Mean Gene on piano. Fans pelting the ring with trash and batteries.

1.5 - The Run In: The Week In Wrestling

We're going to start the new year off with a look at the past week of wrestling. It was a busy week and on today's episode Matty Treats and Kevin Hellions break down some of the biggest moments.

Saturday Night's Main Event #1

It's a new year and you know what that means! The House Show is back with a season 3 and we will be focusing on the iconic WWF network TV series, Saturday Night's Main Event.

2020 Outtakes

Today we look back on 2020. No. No one wants to do that. Today we look back on some of our best and worst moments while recording The House Show this year.

Santa With Muscles

Ho ho ho baby! It is Christmas eve morning. What better way to prepare for tomorrow's festivities than with your favorite three wise men - the House Show trios tag team champions. We sat back and watched the 1996 holiday classic, Santa with Muscles.

12.5 - The Run In: Halloween Havoc Recap

Season two of the Haunted House Show has ended. Last Thursday we reviewed the last installment of the WCW Halloween Havoc series. This morning (an early morning, someone get Kevin a pillow) we're going to reflect back on the best and worst from the entire run.

Halloween Havoc 2000

We have reached the end of the Halloween Havoc series. WCW dies not with a big bang, but with a whimper. This event constantly lands on worst pay per views ever lists. Do your trios tag team champions agree? There are many sighs, swears, and a very short debate at the end of the episode.

11.5 - The Run In: Best Wrestling Gifts

On today's episode your trios tag team champions reminisce over our favorite wrestling related Christmas presents over the years. There are gifts from when we were children.

Halloween Havoc 1999

Oh baby and oh no! This is the most shocking year to year change in Halloween Havoc history. Your trios tag team champions hosts have trouble wrapping their minds around each and every head scratching moment.

10.5 - The Run In: It's STING!!!

The light in the darkness. The last hold out. The 61 year old man showing up on the number 2 wrestling promotion's show out of no where. Sting has returned! Your trios tag team champions discuss the shocking developments from this past Wednesday's episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite

Halloween Havoc 1998

We’ve talked to the Retro Network and have been granted extra time. That’s right, we’re going to discuss the night WCW went off the air.

9.5 - The Run In: Ultimate Holiday Playlist

Here at the House Show we're already in the Christmas mood. To help get the rest of our listeners into the holiday spirit, your trios tag team champions are counting down our favorite Christmas songs.

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